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As Connecticut’s frigid winter temperatures begin to set in and weather conditions progressively worsen, exercising due diligence with your vehicle's preventative care is essential. You don’t want to be left stranded in severe conditions due to a dead battery, lost tire pressure, or faulty windshield wipers. Your money shouldn’t be thrown away when preventable maintenance tips can limit costly repairs. Hazardous winter conditions such as sleet, ice, slush, and snow can cause catastrophic accidents that in many cases could be avoided. Exercising caution at all times while understanding, not every trip is necessary for winter storms will go a long way. But even after preparing to take on winter's evolving driving challenges, it's important to ensure your vehicle is up for it as well. Our team of skilled auto mechanics in Waterbury, Connecticut have developed essential vehicle recommendations to get you and your vehicle prepared for the 2020-2021 winter season. Don't leave the safety of you and your vehicle occupants to chance, contact an experienced auto team today, and save big.

Windshield Wipers

Removing the morning frost or ice on your vehicle can be a challenge for any vehicle owner. Although the process can be quite painstaking, it's important to have 100% visibility when operating a vehicle. When it comes to your safety, the measures you take to ensure your windshield wipers are in good working condition can prevent poor visibility and increase your chances of safe arrival. Winter conditions can dramatically change, leaving visibility at a minimum and putting your windshield wipers to the task. Worn-out windshield wipers will be ineffective in clearing off snow from your windshield, so scheduling windshield wiper replacements on a routine basis will ensure no interruption in your driving visibility. In order for your vehicle to perform well in the winter season, you need to take action to ensure it. Taking steps to replace your windshield wipers are just one of many actions you should take. It is no secret that Connecticut residents will be required to brace for extensive sleet, rain, slush,, ice, and snow. When operating a vehicle your visibility can be greatly reduced when road brine and dirt clouds the visibility of your windshield. Thus, it's important you frequently add windshield washer fluid into your vehicle. This will help clear any streaks or dirt that is present on your windshield. When purchasing windshield washing fluid make sure to purchase a solution with deicing capabilities. This can help remove any excess ice that you were unable to scrape away. See clearly and wipe away the brine!

Keep Your Vehicle Clean

We get it, no one wants a dirty car. During the summer months, frequent washes can be avoided but with winter fast approaching, you will clearly notice your vehicle needing frequent washes. Our team highly recommends washing your vehicle at least once a week, or after each storm to get any road brine off your vehicle's metal components and to improve your cars windshield visibility. Many car washes offer unlimited washes for as little as $15 a month and we highly encourage subscribing. Not only will a fresh wash make your vehicle look better, but car washes often add a wax-like solution to their soaps which can help create a barrier from the elements. High-pressure washes remove harmful salts and dirt that can damage your vehicle's metal components. Road brine is known to cause millions of dollars in rust repairs, but this can all be prevented with frequent washes and the application of our New Hampshire Oil undercoating that seals off the metal underbody from harmful elements.

Tire Maintenance

Thousands of Connecticut residents live in remote areas that don't receive consistent road plowing during heavy snowfalls, thus leaving thick layers of snow or ice to develop. Although our team recommends you stay in during winter storms, this can't always be the case when you have work obligations or other instances where your presence is necessary. Your best bet in keeping you and your vehicle occupants safe is to invest in winter tires, especially if your vehicle is two-wheel drive. Winter tires offer your vehicle additional traction in icy or snowy conditions. With deeper tire threads, you remain in control of your vehicle and fully cable of making maneuvers. When it comes to two-wheel-drive vehicles, extra precautions must be taken. Unlike all-wheel drive cars or trucks, two-wheel drive vehicles will almost surely have difficulties making lane changes, stops, or accelerating/ decelerating on hills. Not only can this cause you to get stuck but it could potentially result in a severe accident. Tire pressure in the winter months is significantly reduced. As temperatures frantically drop in arctic blasts, your vehicle's tire pressure per cubic inch is greatly reduced. In some cases, for every 10 degrees in temperature changes, your pressure will lose about 2 cubic inches of pressure. Ensure you have a pump in your vehicle to get your tire up to a suitable pressure. If you don’t have a personal pump, Connecticut gas stations are required by law to offer free tire pumps.

When Should I Start My Car in The Winter?

Idling your car to “warm-up” before driving for an extended period has no benefit to your vehicle. In actuality, your vehicle should only be idled for about 45 seconds before driving. This will extend the vehicle life span and limit the wear and tear your vehicle goes through. Leaving your vehicle to idle for extended periods could cause fuel residue to build up while wasting more fuel. During the winter's frigid temperatures not abiding by at least a 45-second idle time could cause many of your vehicle's cold rubber components to become brittle and break apart. The most effective way to bring your car to its designated operating temperatures with no issues is to gently drive it. At least leaving some time for your vehicle to get started will ensure longevity and keep more money in your pocket. Remember to not blast your vehicle's heat at the highest temperature after starting it. Let your vehicle warm up first and after a few minutes of driving you can make any adjustments to heat and it's output.

What About My Engine Battery?

As winter temperatures drop and arctic blasts hammer the North East, your vehicle's battery power is extensively diminished relative to the warm summer months. Thus, your battery will consume more power to turn your vehicle on and to continuously operate. As winter rolls around, the chemical reactions that were once hotly present in the summer months get reduced in a lead-acid battery. Under certain conditions, your battery will be far less effective when compared to the average battery length. It's important to frequently inspect the quality of your battery and determine whether replacement is necessary. Having a dead battery, especially during the winter months can leave you stranded for hours with unnecessary auto troubles.

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Getting your vehicle inline with regular maintenance is your best bet when bracing Connecticut’s hazardous winter conditions. Leaving your vehicle's maintenance without regard will cost you hundreds if not thousands in repairs that could otherwise be prevented for a fraction of the cost. Our team of experienced automotive mechanics and technicians in Waterbury, Connecticut will take all measures to adequately assess your vehicle's performance and correct any problems before they become bigger. Our promise to you is to deliver quality service at an affordable price. Naugatuck River Motors has established a history based on customer satisfaction leading us to become one of Connecticut's most highly respected auto facilities. Don't leave your car with an inexperienced auto shop, partner with Naugatuck River Motors to see the difference. Call today at (203) 527-6494 or visit

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