Car Maintenance Tips Every Connecticut Car Owner Should Know

Proper vehicle maintenance and inspections by an experienced Connecticut mechanic will almost surely keep the value and integrity of your vehicle a priority. Keeping you and your passengers safe while driving in Connecticut has been our main priority at Naugatuck River Motors.

Replace Your Car's Spark Plugs:

Depending on the type of vehicle you drive, whether it be a classic or a sports car you should

always consider replacing spark plugs every 20,000 to 40,000 miles. This is strictly dependent on the type of vehicle you drive. An experienced Waterbury Mechanic at Naugatuck River Motors

will make an assessment depending on your car's needs. High-performance vehicles typically

need new spark plugs sooner than later. In most cases your car will signal when it needs spark

plugs replaced which may include; difficulty accelerating, rough idles, your check engine light is

on, hard starts, decreased mileage, and more. Don't let your worn-out spark plugs damage your

car or truck engine. Ensuring you get them replaced as soon as possible will save you thousands

and keep you safe.

Check Your Vehicle Tires Frequently

Our leading Waterbury, Connecticut Mechanics suggest constantly checking your vehicle tires.

Ensuring your tires are in good condition will keep you and your vehicle occupants safe in any

condition, so don’t miss this essential tip. Signs that your tires require attention include tread

wear on one side of the tire, tread wear on unusual areas of tires which can be caused by

unbalanced tires, and over and under-inflation of vehicle tires. Ensuring you have quality tires

through each season will keep your car on the safe path. If you have vehicle vibrations or a pull

to one side, your vehicle's tires will need immediate attention. The feel of your vehicle is just as

an important indicator. Speak to an experienced Connecticut Mechanic and get your car back on

the road where it belongs.

Don’t Let Your Oil Run Low

A simple car maintenance tip is to always have your oil changed, whether that be every 3,000 to

5,000 miles or every 3 months; a low-cost solution that will save you thousands in engine

damage and repairs. Oil is an essential vehicle maintenance tip that any Connecticut car or truck

owner should know. Oil's vital role in your vehicle's operations includes the process of carrying

heat away from your engine, ensuring your engine is running smoothly and effectively. Oil

oftentimes gets dirty from debris built up in the engine. If you fail to replace your oil promptly,

harmful debris can be carried to your vehicle's engine and cost you thousands in engine repairs.

Don't keep your vehicle off the road by failing this vital step.

Change Air Filters Frequently

A car that is in minimal use typically has anywhere from one to three years of air filter

performance. To avoid having a clogged air filter from debris which oftentimes become brittle, a

Connecticut vehicle owner should replace their cars air filter every fifteen to thirty thousand

miles. Not abiding by the above recommendation will cause an inefficient air filter that allows

debris and sand to enter the engine, and ultimately damage it. Your car's air filter, when clogged,

restricts vital airflow to the engine, which causes engine strain. Strange sounds, decreased gas

mileage, or a check engine light could all be signs that your car's air filter needs urgent attention. Contact a professional mechanic at Naugatuck River Motors which is conveniently located in Waterbury, Connecticut to have your air filter changed.

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