Choosing the Right Auto Repair Shop in Connecticut

For decades, our professional team of automotive technicians and mechanics has properly diagnosed and repaired our customer’s automotive issues. We understand what it takes to provide exceptional service at affordable rates. Our priority has always been to keep our customers on the road longer. Even as much as we love seeing our dedicated clients in our garage, we know your car belongs on the road. We keep it that way. When you bring your car or truck to a skilled Waterbury, Connecticut mechanic you should rest knowing integrity and trust remain at the forefront of all our services. At Naugatuck River Motors, we offer a diverse range of services to ensure quality workmanship, while prioritizing your needs.

We know the decision you make when dropping off your vehicle at Naugatuck River Motors. Especially when searching for the right auto facility can be a time-consuming process, we thank you for your support. Naugatuck River Motors has firmly believed that no matter the repair or service requested, your vehicle will be treated like it's our own.

Here are tips you should take when choosing the right auto facility for your repair.

Does Experience Matter?

When choosing the right auto facility for your specific type of service or repair, you should always look into the auto facilities experience. Many Connecticut auto garages will tout decades of experience but in some cases, only low skill level employees will work on your repair or service. When reliability and safety are involved you should always prioritize getting a skilled mechanic with several years of experience to ensure they know what they're doing and the repairs tasked to them are not foreign.

Do Your Research Based on The Services You Need

Reviews matter. Hearing from what other customers say is your only way of hearing directly from someone who went to the garage and had service done. Although every auto garage can exaggerate how “good they are,'' the best way to prove it is by going through past client reviews on Google, Yelp, or Facebook. Not only will you be able to hear others' concerns or feedback, but you will be able to make an informed decision on whether the auto garage is right for you. As always, after any repair or service, you should consider leaving a comment on the company's service page to ensure other consumers are informed of their decisions. Don't leave your repair up to choice, especially when it comes to your pocket.

Should I go to an Auto Dealer or Local Facility?

When it comes to specific auto repairs or service, it may be best to go to your vehicle's specific auto dealership for repair. In cases where a key isn't working or a complex issue arises for your model vehicle, a dealership maybe your best option. But beware, auto dealerships have much higher costs for general service and repairs, especially considering their high overhead where the client receives the brunt of the cost. Local auto facilities have their advantages when it comes to general service and repairs. Especially considering local facilities specialize in the same types of repairs you may be faced with. Before making any decision, you should call both your car dealership and a local garage to get their diagnoses.

What About Price?

Sometimes paying more is better. We always recommend clients to shop around and ask questions when it comes to repairs being conducted. Leaving your car or truck in the hands of a low-cost auto facility might be a spell for something to go wrong. Although some facilities will price gouge you for certain repairs, it's important to see if your repair is backed by skill and integrity. You should always ask the auto garage whether or not they will follow through on their service or repair if an issue arises after their initial repair. If not, you should start looking elsewhere.

Partner With Experience.

Are you ready to make the move to a new auto garage? At Naugatuck River Motors all new clients can save an additional 5% on repairs if they leave a review after their service. Not only will you receive quality service at affordable rates but you'll save big when it comes to routine maintenance and repairs! For decades, our team of skilled mechanics has applied their vast knowledge on everything auto to our client's cars, while ensuring you remain a priority. Contact our team to schedule your auto service!

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