Classic Car Maintenance Tips

Whether your classic car is used as an auto showpiece or used as your weekend cruiser, it needs to stay in tip-top shape to keep its value. Various factors could affect your classic cars value, ensuring that the following tips are followed will save you time and money.

Keep it Clean

The buildup of dust, grime, moisture, and dirt can cause damage year-round. Whether through Connecticut's harsh winters, or humid summers your classic is prone to corrosion and other damages. Dust and dirt can cause problems like impaired performance, chipping of car paint, scratches, and rust. Washing your classic car frequently will limit your vehicle's damage. By using environmentally friendly soaps and drying with new rags, you paint and exterior appearance will look the part. To keep moisture out, our team of dedicated Waterbury Mechanics recommends undercoating your vehicle to maintain the structure of your car's vital components and lock moisture, grime, dirt, and rust out. Undercoating forms a layer of protection and enhances the underside of your classic. A good coat of wax will add a layer of protection from dust and sun damage.

Keep Your Car in Original Condition

The value of your car is derived from the original features that make the car novel. Preserving the value of your classic starts with keeping things original. When making repairs or conducting regular maintenance don’t use modern parts for repairs. The best way to retain value is to keep track of stock parts or repair parts when you can, as the originality of your car is the real value.

Modifications negatively impact your Classic Cars Value

Some modifications may seem to make your classic car look more appealing, but such modifications will not help your classic car value. Any modification could make potential classic car buyers weary of your vehicle's performance. What may look cool in the short term will almost certainly negatively impact your classic car's worth.

Regular Maintenance By A Waterbury Mechanic

Typical vehicle repairs are much less expensive if regular maintenance tips are followed. Whether it be your truck or car, regular maintenance can keep more money in your pocket. This is especially important for classic cars that need frequent maintenance. Catching issues before they become extensive problems and having documentation of regular service will make any potential buyer more inclined to pay more for your classic. The exterior appearance is just as important as your vehicle's mechanical components so keep it sound!

Connecticut Weather Can Be Harmful To Your Classic Car

Extreme weather conditions in Connecticut range from winter storms, sub-zero temperatures, record high temperatures, to excessive precipitation and humidity which can be detrimental to your car. Storing your vehicle indoors or in a covered tent will prevent harmful light exposure and precipitation. Preventing the fading of your paint from the hot summer sun and keeping your car out of humidity will limit coercion.

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