Does Your Insurance Policy Cover Storm or Hail Damage

In extreme cases, weather can cause a significant amount of damage to your vehicle. A common perpetrator of such is wind storms. Your car may have been hit by flying debris or hail, leaving dents around your vehicle or worse. Speaking with an experienced mechanic at Naugatuck River Motors will help you get your car repaired faster, and your safety remaining a priority. Your car belongs on the road, not in our garage. It’s our goal in ensuring we keep you there. Don't let other auto garages take advantage of you.

After a storm, your car may have suffered from high winds pelting your car with debris or fallen limbs. Tropical Storm Isasis left nearly 640,000 thousand Connecticut residents without power and countless vehicles damaged. Unfortunately, these storms are common year-round in Connecticut. During such storms, parked vehicles near a tree may have fallen limbs or scratches from high wind gusts. If wind speeds pick up, there is also the risk that the wind could blow debris onto the car, denting or scratching its surface resulting thousands of dollars of damages.

Does My Insurance Cover Park Car Damage?

Taking a look at your insurance policy before a storm will save you money, and prevent you from making a big mistake. Failing to understand your insurance policy will only leave you vulnerable, so understanding your policy, your deductibles, what's covered and what's not will ensure your car can get repaired quickly and it doesn't break the bank. In some cases, your repairs may be so severe after a hail or wind storm that you may need a rental car, while your car is repaired. Getting the right insurance policy will ensure you can get a rental with no out of pocket cost to you. Don't let your car be susceptible to high-cost repairs when a storm hits, contact Naugatuck River Motors for everything auto.

Having comprehensive coverage will protect your car from almost all damages resulting from natural disasters. Of the three auto insurance options, only comprehensive coverage will pay for repairs that are outside a typical accident. Paying a little more in insurance coverage goes a long way when faced with a natural disaster. In some cases, your fee will be just a few dollars more a month and may cover your whole vehicle repair in the event of a natural disaster. Note that you may have to pay for something if you have a low deductible, so speaking with your insurance provider is important.

Although weathermen get it wrong sometimes, it's better to be safe than sorry. When large storms are en-route to your location, you should take all necessary actions to protect your car and home. To start, take your vehicle to a covered garage or away from trees. When hail is in the forecast, and you can't bring your car in a garage, take an old comforter or blanket and wrap your car to protect it from paint scratches and dents. Ordering a car cover can be inexpensive while protecting your car from the elements. Having extra layers of protection for your car's exterior will keep your worries low, and your priorities on your family, not your car!

If you're on the go, take your car to a parking garage, under a bridge, or an awning at a gas station to shield your car from flying debris and hail. If your car falls victim to damage after a storm, our team will make it a priority to get the fastest turn around for you. Automobile repairs after a storm can be booked for several weeks, but at Naugatuck River Motors in Waterbury, Connecticut, we will ascertain the fastest repair time for you.

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