How Preventative Auto Maintenance Will Save You Money

Routine auto maintenance will help you avoid costly repairs while maintaining the value of your vehicle. No matter the type of vehicle, routine service by an experienced and professional mechanic at Naugatuck River Motors will ensure your truck or car stays on the road longer and runs efficiently. Don’t let costly repairs become a burden, visit us today!

Repairs Can Get Expensive

When your vehicle is regularly maintained, you can rest assured knowing any future repairs will be prevented and your costs limited. Failure to pursue regular maintenance will result in further damage to repairs that could have been diagnosed by our leading Waterbury Mechanics months before. When you schedule a routine maintenance check with our team, we will take every measure to prevent any further problems from occurring, while keeping your financial commitment as low as possible. Our leading-edge diagnostic technology puts Naugatuck River Motors at the forefront of diagnostic capabilities. Our full inspection will look into any issue your vehicle may have, and if needed, repair them before they develop further. Keeping your costs as low as possible is our commitment, so don’t worry!

Underestimating any savings from regular maintenance will cost you in the long run. Oil changes are a must when it comes to regular maintenance. Our recommendation is to change your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles to ensure your vehicle runs properly. Oil has a vital role in keeping your vehicle's mechanical components sound while carrying away excess heat in your car's engine. When the oil is carried away from the engine, harmful debris begins to build up requiring regular replacement. Failing to do so may damage your cars engine, costing you hundreds if not thousands. Typical oil changes cost anywhere from $30 to $150 so it is important to maintain your vehicle's oil to prevent engine failure, resulting in replacement costs in excess of $2,000!

Don’t Let Your Vehicle Breakdown

Breakdowns can be unfortunate but most of the time they can be avoided. Routine vehicle maintenance ensures that your car or truck is seen by a knowledgeable mechanic that will diagnose and repair any issue your car may have before they cant be repaired. Vehicle owners that bring their cars in for regular maintenance at Naugatuck River Motors should rest knowing their car is in one of Connecticut's Premier Auto facilities. Our service team will make sure your vehicle runs reliably and that its maintenance is a priority. We can help reduce the risk of unexpected vehicle breakdowns in Connecticut by diagnosing any problems before they damage your car further. Failing to commit your vehicles to regular maintenance inspections will increase the chances of your car breaking down.

Repairing smaller problems before they become bigger can save you thousands. Our goal is to keep your financial investment in your car or trucks maintenance as low as possible and that starts with avoiding larger repairs. Remember, when your car breaks down unexpectedly, you will have to pay high towing fees, find new means of transportation, possibly miss work, increased costs with repair, and if you're far from home you may have to find additional accommodations. Don't let your car go undiagnosed before it's too late, avoid the additional financial burden, contact a premier Waterbury, Connecticut mechanic today!

Get To Work in a Reliable Vehicle

When you are stranded without a vehicle for costly repairs, you may miss out on getting to work. This comes as you already have increased costs related to your repair as it has become time-sensitive. When you avoid major vehicle maintenance problems, your car will have fewer interactions with repair services and you'll be able to get to work reliably and economically. If faced with no other means of transportation to get to work, your opportunity cost increases. When your car is in the shop, you will face a loss of income or you may have to use your vacation time when you wouldn't prefer to use them. If repairs are more severe, they can take several days to get replacement parts, increasing your opportunity cost, and losing out financially.

Get to work in a maintained vehicle by one of our professional Connecticut mechanics. With decades of experience, we know how to diagnose and implement repairs at the most affordable cost to our clients. When getting your regular maintenance done at Naugatuck River Motors in Waterbury, you shouldn't worry about possible missed workdays because of vehicle issues. We are committed to our customers and uphold a high standard of quality, increasing your freedom when driving your car.

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