Keep Your Car In Check With a Regular Tune-Up

When hitting the roads this fall you should always drive with confidence especially when the temperatures and weather conditions drastically change. In a year filled with so much uncertainty, the last problem you need is a broken-down car. We can't say it enough but proper tune-ups will ensure your vehicle lasts longer while preventing costly repairs that may result from neglect. Forgetting to tune up your car or truck after your summer travel can be a costly one. At Naugatuck River Motors we prioritize your needs while keeping your pocket in mind. Our goal has always been to keep Connecticut drivers on the road longer while ensuring their vehicle is safe and reliable. No matter the issue, our skilled mechanics and technicians will take care of you; rest assured you're in the right hands. With nearly four decades of experience, our mechanics will diagnose and repair any issues before they progress. Proper tune-ups are essential, and we’re ready to keep your car or truck top of mind!

Should I Take My Car or Truck in For a Tune-Up?

Of course, no matter the age or type of vehicle you should always prioritize regular maintenance for your weekend cruiser or everyday car. Not only does a proper tune-up ensure your vehicle is safe, but it reduces associated costs that could arise down the road. This is especially the case for basic fluid changes that are the vital components to a fully functional car. Neglect them, and face the consequences of a damaged engine, transmission, or faulty brakes. Contact our mechanics to see if you're due for a tune-up and save!

What do Mechanics Check During Tune-Ups?

A qualified mechanic will take a diverse approach to vehicle inspection. When having regular maintenance checks in fixed intervals, your car or truck will receive first-class treatment at Naugatuck River Motors. We know that your vehicle is a large investment and we want to ensure the value of your vehicle performs better than the industry average for your model.

What are some of the routine tune-ups performed?

Fluid Changes

Air condition fluid, transmission fluid, antifreeze, and brake fluid are essential to the longevity of your vehicle. When replacing these fluids in a timely manner you can rest knowing your car is safe to drive.

Air Filters

Not only do air filters pass the necessary airflow to your vehicle but they prevent your vehicle from using more gas. In a time of economic uncertainty, your dollars shouldn't be spent on fill-ups. During each tune-up, our Waterbury mechanics will inspect each air filter for excessive debris, while ensuring your car's air filters run properly. Don't let your car stall from lack of oxygen. Whenever recommended, replace your air filters to avoid unfavorable outcomes.

Windshield Wipers

As temperatures begin to change and the weather begins to be even more unpredictable, all Connecticut vehicle owners should have their windshield wipers inspected and replaced. Worn-out windshield wipers just won't do the job and can result in an accident when driving in inclement weather.

Car Battery

Although car batteries are made to last a significant amount of time, you should always have a mechanic inspect your battery to ensure it is properly connected and all looks well.

Oil Changes

Vehicles typically need a regular oil change every three to six months. but this may vary due to driving habits. Oil is highly important in the functions of your vehicle as it carries away heat from your engine. Running on old oil and failing to properly drain it could result in engine issues and in severe cases, permanent damage. Contact our team for a low-cost oil change in Connecticut.


During a tune-up, a skilled auto mechanic will inspect and diagnose all your vehicle's hoses and belts. This is especially vital for older vehicles that tend to wear out hoses and belts far quicker. If you hear any unusual noises coming from your vehicle you should inform us immediately. This may be due to a faulty or worn-out belt that needs to be replaced. For classic car owners, hoses can frequently get clogged resulting in costly repairs. Our mechanics will inspect each hose properly to ensure there is no splitting or cracked hoses. If needed, we will replace any worn-out hoses.

Does Regular Maintenance Improve the Value of my Vehicle?

Neglect is the biggest deterrent to any prospective buyer. Forgetting to have regular maintenance and inspections will result in a vehicle that depreciates rapidly. Not only will your vehicle be susceptible to breakdowns but the value of your vehicle will go with it. No one wants another person's problems, especially when it comes to vehicles.

Leading Auto Facility in Waterbury, Connecticut

As a top-rated auto facility in Waterbury, Connecticut we understand the importance of traditional tune-ups for your vehicle. When you arrive at Naugatuck River Motors we want you to understand that we have built a history of quality service at affordable rates. We know what our competitors offer, and to them, you're just another dollar sign. This is not the case with Naugatuck River Motors, we take pride in exceptional customer service and offer a clear and concise diagnosis of any vehicle issue. Contact our team today to see how you can save on your first maintenance check-up. | 203-527-6494

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