Protect Your Cars Underbody From Rust

The importance of undercoating cannot be understated. Throughout the winter your car is exposed to harmful chemicals and salt that damage the undercarriage of your car. These conditions cause corrosion and rust that will impact the longevity and value of your car. The development of rust occurs when these chemicals breakdown the vital components of your car and thus depreciate your cars value.

What is road brine?

Road Brine is a mixture of salt and water that has a freezing point lower than water alone. As a result, this will reduce the snow and ice from developing on roadways and sidewalks. Plow trucks spread the solution before storms to reduce the amount of snow that adheres to surfaces, but this solution causes major damages to your car without you knowing.

How Effective Are Car Washes At Removing Road Brine?

Removal of road brine during the winter months is one of the most common reasons for why consumers typically go to car washes. Unfortunately, car washes do the exact opposite and cause more damage by pressure washing the undercarriage. This high pressure activity pushes the road brine deeper into the structural components of your car. Most chemicals at car washes also create a film that is sticky and designed to adhere to the cars surface, trapping the road brine below it. Cars aren't designed to have high pressure water shot into the undercarriage and this may allow for build up of such chemicals. Protecting you car starts with our proven solution.

Why Undercoating Is The Best Solution To Rust

NH Oil Undercoating will offer you a unique treatment that will protect and restore vital inhibitors that guard your undercarriage from rust and corrosion on all surfaces. When the weather warms up, NH oil undercoating will eliminate the moisture and oxygen that is so common is summer months. Humidity will cause just as much damage as salt brine, so protecting your vehicle from exposure in the Winter Months is just as important in the Spring and Summer months.

Our special formula will penetrate and lift the dirt and moisture you have on your undercarriage. Revitalizing your metal components in your cars underbody, and providing a clean look for the underbody of any vehicle. While pushing out salts and other contaminants, our oil undercoating will protect your vehicle and increase the value of your car. Call our team today at (203) 527-6494 or visit

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