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Updated: Oct 20

For decades, New Hampshire undercoating has protected all types of vehicles throughout the country. During manufacturing, your car or truck is subject to spot welds, bends, and various other imperfections that damage the pre-coated material which is supposed to protect your car's metal parts. This exposure can cause severe damage to your car's longevity and value. Letting your car or truck depreciate after being subjected to manufacturing defects will only cost you. Don’t waste your money on costly auto repairs in Connecticut. NH Undercoating has been a proven barrier against the elements, that is why we recommend all Connecticut drivers to get undercoated.

Corrosion can cause serious cosmetic and structural damages to your car or truck. Unfortunately, drivers forget that this could be instances and undercoating is just as important as an oil change. The corrosion process can happen much quicker than you could expect, in Connecticut's humid summers or extreme winter conditions, your truck or car will be impacted heavily. Our experienced mechanics will ensure the integrity and value of your vehicle remains top of mind. As much as we enjoy seeing you in our garage, your vehicle needs to be on the road; our job is keeping you there. With decades of experience in everything auto, our team is prepared for any challenge.

Our team goes a step further by insulating the underside of your car with a protective layer of environmentally friendly oil undercoating. According to New Hampshire Premium Undercoating, you can rest assured knowing the product is designed to create a barrier that can’t be broken, chipped, or cracked. The petroleum-based rust preventive fluid can create extended protection while in Conencicut’s harsh weather conditions. Not only does New Hampshire premium undercoating prevent rust, but it also penetrates deep into your vehicle's metal components. Protect your vehicle from the long-lasting effects caused by corrosion. New Hampshire Premium Undercoating is self-healing, with the ability to displace moisture caused by the elements and eliminate oxygen. This formula won't allow for oxidation, which is the primary causation to rust and the breakdown of your vehicle.

Negligence caused by your vehicle manufacturing shouldn't be your excuse for costly repairs. Although the pre-coating that is meant to protect against the elements has failed your vehicles, our undercoating formula will ensure environments prone to moisture and damage will be protected. Our competitors offer overpriced undercoating that is far less effective when preventing rust. Rather than penetrating the metal, it insulates rust in. New Hampshire Oil undercoating will not crack, even while it remains soft. Its barrier will eliminate the corrosive damage to your car and will even create a sound barrier for the underbelly of your vehicle. Talk about a smooth ride.

In Connecticut, we know what it takes to protect your vehicle. Just like you, our Waterbury mechanics drive on the road and experience the same effects caused by our environment. We treat your car like it’s our own, ensuring that you get quality service at the best price possible. Your car doesn’t belong in our garage and our mechanics will not price gouge you when you need to get back on the road. We take a fair approach to all our communications and repairs. That is why our superior customer service has led us to be a top-rated facility in the state of Connecticut. Distinguished services at affordable prices, that’s the Naugatuck River Motors way. Contact us today at

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