What To Watch Out For When Buying a Used Car

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When searching for a used car there are some things you should consider. It’s in your interest to research the type of vehicle you want, the mileage, its ratings, and who you’re buying it from. Leaving these questions unanswered can cost you in the future. At Naugatuck River Motors we take a fair and honest approach to used car sales. Whether getting behind the classic you always dreamed of or your first car, we want you to make the right decision. That is why each of our vehicles is inspected by an experienced mechanic before it's even listed. We don’t let any of our customers buy without the confidence and reassurance of our team's stamp of approval. For nearly three decades, our mechanics have taken our customer's issues into account and have been straightforward on all necessary repairs. We won't let you be price gouged when searching for the car you want, that's not the Naugatuck River Motors way. When it comes to buying a used car there are some things to consider.

What To Know When Buying a Used Car

  • Test drive the vehicle of your choice on all road conditions. The variation in roadways will help you understand how the car drives, and potentially alert you of any underlying issues your seller may be hiding. Any indication of a problem that wasn't already advised to you should be your sign that the car isn't right for you.

  • We can't say it enough, get your car's maintenance history! Find out everything there is to know about the vehicle's record including accident & maintenance history, and the vehicle owners. When trying to sell a used car, a regular maintenance record will increase the value. It allows the potential buyer the ease of mind knowing the car was regularly serviced. That is why we always recommend regular maintenance by a skilled Mechanic. To find out more about regular maintenance tips visit our latest blog.

  • Negotiating the price of a car starts with doing some research. When it comes to the price, compare the vehicle maintenance history, mileage, specs, and model to an equivalent vehicle that is on the market. That will give you some reassurance when negotiating the price. According to the Federal Trade Commission, the following sources can help in determining the value of the vehicle before negotiating the purchase. The National Automobile Dealers Association's (NADA) Guides, Edmunds, Kelley Blue Book, and Consumer Reports. Some of these organizations charge for this information.

  • When it comes to the model vehicle that you're interested in, you should take an in-depth approach to your research. Just because the purchase price is affordable to you doesn't mean its repairs and maintenance will be. Luxury cars are notorious for mass depreciation, often tricking buyers into a “good” deal. This couldn't be further from the truth. Often some vehicles can cost significantly more for general repairs and maintenance as basic as an oil change. We recommend contacting our Waterbury, Connecticut mechanics before purchasing any vehicle. Your upkeep costs should be affordable and within your budget. Our mechanics will ensure it is.

  • We recommend having a checklist for the car you're interested in buying. This can include the status of your brakes, oil change, tires, and anything that would fit under our criteria for inspection. You can find out more here.

  • Request the vehicle identification number (VIN) before making any purchase. Use to research any unrepaired recalls and the status of the recall. If there is a recall, you may ask the owner to have it serviced before your purchase of the vehicle. Consistent recalls for a particular model should be your sign that the car isn't right for you. Please note that according to federal law, dealers aren't required to fix recall issues for a used vehicle. Therefore, it is your responsibility to have the repair made as quickly as possible if you proceed with the purchase. Leaving such unnoticed can cause an accident and potentially harm you and others.

  • When purchasing a vehicle from an owner or dealer we recommend contacting our team of skilled mechanics first. Our approach for any used car sale is to have a thorough inspection, diagnosing any issue, and warn you of any potential issues. This will come in handy when it comes to making your final decision on purchasing the vehicle. If you do choose to proceed, negotiate the price even lower while keeping these repairs in mind.

  • The Department of Justice’s National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) offers information about a vehicle’s title, odometer data, and certain damage history. Expect to pay a small fee for each report.

Are You Considering Financing Your Used Car?

When purchasing a new or used car, you have various options that may suit your needs. If you choose to finance your vehicle over a period of time you should understand that the amount listed on the vehicle is not what you will be paying. The new price would be adjusted to the credit you're borrowing, other associated costs, and interest on the loan amount. The more you put down on a vehicle the less you will have to pay in interest. Form a monthly budget of all your expenses and how much you are willing to spend on a monthly basis on a generic financing term of 36 or 48 months, and the annual percentage rate on the loan. Used cars typically have higher rates than that of new cars due to their lower cost, age, and history. If regular maintenance was conducted on the vehicle you can expect to have a lower interest rate as the bank knows the car has been serviced.

Find a Free Credit Report Just For You

When buying a used car you need to look at multiple sources for the best financing terms. At Naugatuck River Motors, we offer a wide variety of financing options, giving you the flexibility you desire when making a purchase from us. We encourage you to negotiate with our lender and shop around for the best financing option that may be suitable for your budget. Don't take on big risks when it comes to financing. Understand that bad credit will lead to higher APR’s and thus more costly to you.

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In Connecticut, we know what it takes to protect you from making the wrong used car purchase. Just like you, our Waterbury mechanics drive on the road and experience the same issues that arise with any vehicle. Whether purchasing a used car or coming in for regular maintenance, our team is ready. We treat your car like it’s our own, ensuring that you get quality service at the best price possible. Your car doesn’t belong in our garage and our mechanics will not price gouge you when you need to get back on the road. We take a fair approach to all our communications and repairs. That is why our superior customer service has led us to be a top-rated facility in the state of Connecticut. Distinguished services at affordable prices, that’s the Naugatuck River Motors way. Contact us today at

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