When Financing a Car, You Should Know These Three Factors4

When purchasing a car or truck that is right for you, our team at Naugatuck River Motors will work with you to find an affordable option to finance your vehicle. We’ve offered great financing options for years, no matter what your credit score is. This is also applicable to customers with low or no credit at all. Our great financing options for all types of credit allows you to have confidence in us while conveying our customer-first mindset. No matter the transaction amount, we advise you accordingly and make you understand the best financing options. Although these recommendations are intangible, we know when you get behind one of our trusted vehicles you'll know you bought with confidence.

Our team of trusted mechanics, technicians, and sales representatives is proud to offer Connecticut residents with the best selection of quality used vehicles. When looking for a used car, or classic truck or car, go no further. Reach out today.

Financing a car with a loan

When considering financing a vehicle you should understand these three key factors that will impact your loan. First, we recommend you look at the amount you will need to loan and the amount you are capable of paying for a down payment. The more you put down, the less you will have to pay in interest and other associated fees. Our recommendation is to keep this in mind when budgeting out how much you can loan. The loan amount, our total amount you’re borrowing from the bank has an APR or annual percentage rate of interest that you pay on the loan amount. This amount varies depending on your creditworthiness and how long your loan term is. The longer the term for repaying the loan, the more you will pay on that loan amount. When financing a used car, you will typically have to pay a higher amount of interest as opposed to purchasing a new car. This is factoring in the age of the vehicle and if it has had any major repairs etc. We recommend utilizing the help tool provided by Bank of America auto loan calculator to see how your loan amount will be affected based on the term length, credit score, and more!

What About Auto Service?

In Connecticut, we know what it takes to protect your vehicle. Just like you, our Waterbury mechanics drive on the road and experience the same effects caused by our environment. We treat your car like it’s our own, ensuring that you get quality service at the best price possible. Your car doesn’t belong in our garage and our mechanics will not price gouge you when you need to get back on the road. We take a fair approach to all our communications and repairs. That is why our superior customer service has led us to be a top-rated facility in the state of Connecticut. Distinguished services at affordable prices, that’s the Naugatuck River Motors way. Contact us today at

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